Fertile Eggs:

We collect eggs twice a day to ensure that they are not impacted by inclement weather. We do not always have every breed available, please call ahead for availability: 


1/2 Dozen
French Black Copper Marans (Little Peddler)     $65    $95
Polish     $50
Cream Legbar (Rees)     $45    $60
     $45    $60
Swedish Flower     $30    $40
Plymouth Barred Rock     $15    $25
Rhode Island Red     $15    $25


​All of our hatches are pure bred, from a state inspected flock that is fed only all natural, non-medicated feed.  All chicks, except the Cream Legbars, are sold straight-run.  We hatch different breeds all the time so call for availability:


French Black Copper Marans (Little Peddler)
Polish frizzle-feathered


Polish smooth-feathered$30
Cream Legbar (Rees) - female$25
Cream Legbar (Rees) - male$15
Swedish Flower
Plymouth Barred Rock $10
Rhode Island Red $10

What We Sell and Pricing

We are proud to offer a variety of breeds, fertile eggs and products for sale.

The A-Frame:

​We spent years designing and perfecting a coop design that is comfortable for your chickens, protecting them from both predators and the elements while making the most of each square foot available.

Introducing the A-Frame by Twin Cedar Farm.  

This coop is so reliable and sturdy that we use it for our rental program and have received countless compliments on it.  The handles make it easy to move around your yard and the PVC board makes cleaning a cinch!

Bonus: A-Frame is expandable! Check out our Cloock expansion that allows you to add tunnels and square footage for your birds to safely enjoy exploring more areas of your yard. It really is the best coop out there!  More info: Cloock - Modular Coop Design

Cost: $500

Winter Watering Bucket:

​Never fear another cold morning!  Our Winter Watering Bucket will keep water from freezing even on the coldest days. This bucket was designed and tested here at Twin Cedar Farm to improve on the many shortcomings of heated water bowls. A more sanitary option that holds and heats 5 gallons of water. Our Winter Watering Bucket = happy chickens year-round!

5 Gallon Winter Watering Bucket - $65

​2 Gallon Winter Watering Bucket - $50


​Occasionally we will grow out chicks until we can determine   whether they are male or female.  These are females, at least three months old:​


French Black Copper Marans (Little Peddler)        $110
Polish frizzle-feathered
Polish smooth-feathered    $70
Cream Legbar (Rees)    $50
Swedish Flower
Plymouth Barred Rock    $25
Rhode Island    $25