The Brinsea Mini Advance is a high quality incubator that holds 7 eggs.  It has a built in turner and temperature control.  This means you only have to add water periodically to keep the correct humidity.  The large window ensures that you won't miss any of the excitement when your chicks are hatching!  This model is SUPER easy and is perfect for a small hatch of chicks.

​​​We have two types of egg incubators for rent.  Both models have great reputations for hatch rate and ease of use.

The Brinsea Octogon 20 Eco is also a high quality incubator, and this version is able to hold 24 eggs.  Our model includes the auto turner; all you will need to do is maintain the humidity by periodically adding warm water.  The Brinsea Octogon 20 Eco also has a large window for viewing the chicks as they hatch.  It is perfect if you are looking to start your very own flock!

Incubator Rentals

We have made it easy and affordable to hatch chicks at home

Rental Fee - $60 

Refundable Deposit - $100

Cleaning Fee - $10 (waived if the unit is clean when it is returned)

Shipping (lower 48 states) - $50 round-trip

Rental Fee - $25

Refundable Deposit - $75

Cleaning Fee - $10 (waived if the unit is returned clean)

Shipping (lower 48 states) - $30 round-trip