The Hens: ​​

For 2019, we’ve again chosen two friendly, productive chicken breeds for our Rent-a-Hen program. They are…

Link: Plymouth Barred Rock

Link: Plymouth Buff Rock

Hen Rentals

​​The easiest way to start raising chickens!

What’s a hen rental service and why should I try it?

​​Backyard chickens have become quite the phenomenon, and with good reason. You get delicious, fresh eggs from happy, healthy chickens on an (almost) daily basis, and you get hours of entertainment watching your chickens scratch and peck and flap and do all the hilarious things chickens do. But setting up shop with chickens is a big commitment, and if you’re not sure it’s the right outdoor hobby for you and your family, our hen rental service is a great way to keep chickens on a trial basis.

How does it work?

We will deliver everything you need for your seasonal chicken-keeping project. The rental fee includes two egg-laying hens, a secure coop, a feeder, a two-gallon waterer, and 100 lbs. of chicken feed. - plus instructions on how to keep your guests safe and busy for the summer.

​​The Feed:

Our rental service includes two 50-lb. bags of high-quality, all-natural chicken feed - enough to get your visiting hens through the season. For an additional charge, you may prefer to have non-GMO or Organic feed; we will ask your preference.

Also included: A feeder and 2-gallon waterer.

​​​The Coop:

Your feathered guests will live in a luxurious, secure coop designed by us and built by the    experts at Mendon Woodcraft. The enclosed portion of the coop is 2’x3’, a room for the girls to snooze and lay their eggs. The attached outdoor run measures 4’x3’ and provides them safe access to the outdoors; it features two doors - one for your convenience in accessing the birds, and the other to let them free range your yard.

The news media has been clucking happily over our hen rentals…

Link: Huffington Post

Link: Boston's WBZ Channel 4​​

Link: Standard Times Newspaper

Place your deposit here:

The Latest:

Reservations are filled for 2019

Thank you to everyone who is participating!

If you missed it this year, stay tuned for 2020 reservations.

​​What if I love them so much I can’t part with them at the end of the summer?

Just let us know! As a rental customer, your “buyout package” price is just $250. You get to keep the whole setup!

Hen Rental: The Details

What's included?

​​​​I’d like to rent your hens! Where do I sign up?

Place your deposit for the 2019 season by clicking the "Buy Now" link. We will contact you to arrange everything.

​​The total is...

The Standard Rental Package: $450 for the six-month rental period, including : Two hens, one coop, two 50-lb. bags of all-natural chicken feed, one feeder, one waterer, plus instructions.

The Non-GMO Rental Package: $475 for the six-month rental period, including: Two hens, one coop, two 50-lb. bags of non-GMO chicken feed, one feeder, one waterer, plus instructions.

The Organic Rental Package: $490 for the six-month rental period, including: Two hens, one coop, two 50-lb. bags of organic chicken feed, one feeder, one waterer, plus instructions.

​​​The FAQs and the Fine Print

Don’t I need a rooster to get eggs?
Nope! Your hens will lay eggs even without a rooster.

Will I be able to free-range the hens?
Absolutely - chickens love to scratch and dig, and it’s great fun to watch. After a few nights in their coop, they will instinctively return there to sleep each night.

How many eggs will I get?
These breeds are known to be excellent egg producers. You can expect to get one egg from each hen most days.

How much is the deposit?
$75 reserves your coop and hens for the 2019 season.

How do I pay for the rental service?
You have options: PayPal, credit card, or cash on delivery.

I love the coop design. Can I buy one?

Sure thing! Just give us a call or send us an email!

Do you deliver to my town?

Quite possibly, feel free to ask and we will let you know. We have delivered to towns all over including Little Compton, Providence and Warwick RI as well as South Dennis, North Sudbury, Taunton, Ipswich, Dover, Westboro, Newton, Natick, Marlboro, Somerset, South Dennis, North Sudbury, Chelmsford, Hingham, Belmont, Georgetown, Mashpee, Lancaster, Hopkinton Ma and many more!