​A-Frame ----------------------------$500


Playground 8'x6'--------------------$600

Playground 6'x6'--------------------$550



Delivery is $50, call to ensure we can deliver to your town :)


A 4ft x 2ft section that allows your flock to stay safe while exploring your yard.  These heavy-duty units interlock with A-Frame, Courtyard and Turn and each unit gives your birds an extra 8sqft.


An integral part of the Cloock system, Turn provides 90 degree corners and can interlock with A-Frame, Courtyard or Trail.

Coop! Here it is...

A coop designed for freedom and safety


Allow your flock to stretch their wings and get a better view of their domain! Playground is 6' high and comes with perches to allow the birds even more freedom to move around (and up and down). Two doors large doors allow you access and 8 small doors allow you to link Playground with all of the other Cloock components.

Building off the success of our A-Frame Coop, Cloock is a system of expansion pieces that offer additional room for your birds to range while keeping them safe from predators.


Attach your A-Frame and you triple the size of the coop, add two more nesting boxes and a 36sqft run, big enough for 8 birds. The four openings on Courtyard allow you to free-range your flock or attach Playground, Trails and Turns for limitless expansion!

Introducing our newest product​, designed entirely here at Twin Cedar Farm. Cloock is a modular coop design that grows with your flock and keeps them safe while they explore your yard!


​​As the core component of Cloock, a tremendous amount of work is behind this simple looking design. A-Frame is 18sqft divided into two sections, a coop area and a run. The coop area has a feeder, nesting box and roosting post and once the door closes, it is completely secure from rodents and predators.  The run section has an open floor allowing your birds to scratch the ground during the day. Made with Pressure Treated Lumber and PVC Board, this coop is easy to clean and is built to last a lifetime. A-Frame is ideal for two or three birds and will expand with the Cloock system by attaching to Courtyard or directly to Playground, Trails and Turns.